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David Valentine 

David Valentine is the Chair of the Trust Board and is a very experienced Trustee within the education sector. He was previously a chair of another Multi-Academy Trust for 5 years and is passionately focused on delivering outstanding governance structures within the multi academy sector. He has worked alongside Academy Ambassadors supporting Trusts and is an advisory ambassador available to support other trustees across the country. David who was born in Dublin worked for over 20 years in banking primarily in capital markets. He believes that all young people can be given an equal start in life through strong educators providing them a good or outstanding education. David is the Trust's governance lead and, in this role, sits on both the Quality of Education and Finance, Audit & Risk Committees.

Dave Brockman

Dave Brockman has been involved in the Trust for several years, previously as Chair of Riverside's LGB.  Dave has experience in commercial and retail management. Dave is the lead Trustee for Safeguarding and Pupil Premium and sits on the Finance, Audit & Risk Committee Meeting.

Lee Phipps-Bartley

Lee Phipps-Bartley FCCA is a Chartered Accountant working for a financial services company based in London. Born and raised in Medway, Lee returned from Sheffield University and made Rainham home with his wife and 2 young children. Having benefited from a Medway education, Lee intends to use his experience for the benefit of the younger generation.  Lee is Chair of the Finance, Audit & Risk Committee and leads on all finance issues.

Kerry Jordan-Daus

Kerry Jordan-Daus is a new Trustee who has recently joined the Board.  More information will follow.

Stuart Gardner

Stuart Gardner is a new Trustee who has recently joined the Board.  More information will follow.