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Our Philosophy of Education

We believe that ‘Quality Education’ is the intentional facilitation of an inclusive, stimulating, equitable, safe, open-minded and happy environment in which:

  • Knowledge is elicited, shared, deepened and valued as a force for good.
  • Opportunities are well planned to enable intellectual, emotional, social, moral, spiritual, creative, artistic and healthy physical development.
  • Ambitious personal outcomes are routinely demanded, expected and achieved for all.
  • Kindness, compassion and mutual respect are non-negotiable.
  • We do not take lightly the responsibility to deliver this standard - it is a privilege entrusted to us, the imperative to develop each and every child that is part of our community, not merely for their own personal journey, but for the collective contribution they will make to our world. We exist for them and everything we do is focused on them.
  • It is impossible to think about ‘learning’ without defining what knowledge and its acquisition looks and feels like in our schools, and how we create the right conditions to maximise growth.

What does ‘knowledge’ mean to us?

  • The intertwining of character, skills and intellect.
  • Personal growth of the mind leading to the development of conscience.
  • The critical understanding and deep embedding of facts or concepts that are rapidly recallable through mental connectivity.
  • Open mindedness that enables ideas and information to be absorbed without constraint towards a predetermined outcome.
  • The process of learning through experiences and connections.
  • The seeking out of ‘truth’ through scrutiny, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.
  • The formulation of a personal ‘belief system’ through an understanding of morality.

How will this look every day?

  • Our students will feel an uninhibited joy of learning where happiness is redefined as a lack of ease and comfort in the learning process. 
  • Our students will feel invigorated by unfamiliarity, excited by challenge and motivated when understanding demands several attempts in the learning process. Thinking hurts but learning should be fun. That’s why we do all that we can to support students of all ages to be resilient when things do not work out the first time.
  • Our students and staff will find inspiration in each other and motivation from within.
  • Intellectual curiosity will be habitual, and critical thinking natural.
  • Our schools will create an immersive learning environment that encourages opportunities for imagination to flow, for creative, intellectual, expressive, and artistic talents to emerge
  • We will routinely celebrate the gifts and talents of others, to appreciate culture, respect the natural beauty of our environment, and to take responsibility for our part in its preservation and sustainability.
  • Our staff and students will communicate with confidence, eloquence, influence, and purpose; shaping the future through innovation and progressive thinking.
  • We will cultivate depth of character – empathy, humility, social justice, moral courage, internal control, sensitivity, kindness, authenticity, perseverance, resilience, determination. 
  • High expectation and ambition will seamlessly underpin our daily mindset.