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Hari Aggarwal

Hari Aggarwal has been a resident of Medway since 1973.  During that time, he was a Governor at a primary school for 5 years and for the last fifteen years has been a Governor at a secondary school sitting on the Premises and Finance sub committees.  He is a retired Foreign Investment bank employee with experience in Finance, Accounting, Project Management and IT over a period of 40 years. He is actively involved in social cohesion projects within Medway and particularly involved with local organisation which fights against racial issues in Medway towns.

Nigel Goodall

Nigel Goodall has 18 years of education governance experience, including over ten years as a school governor holding positions of subcommittee chair and vice chair of the governing board. Nigel was a Trustee for more than 5 years, holding the role of vice chair and sitting on several subcommittees and is now a member.

Nigel is a retired engineer and has held various positions including cost estimation, design and development, and several roles in manufacturing engineering.

Nigel believes in promoting education for all and enabling pupils to achieve their maximum potential. He is an active member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and regularly volunteers as a STEM ambassador.

Rev'd Nathan Ward