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Rainham Mark Education Trust


Please see attached our current policies.

The RMET Equality Duty Plan is linked to the RMET Equality Policy and was adopted by the RMET Board on 29/3/2021.

The RMET Complaint form is available to download as a word document which is included in the list below.

The RMET Behaviour Policy was amended in March 2020 and was adopted by the Trust Board on 25/3/2020. Appendix B was amended May 2020. Appendix A was amended in July 2020 and adopted by Trust Board 15/7/2020.

The Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy has been amended with additional information incorporating the DfES guidance on the COVID-19 outbreak (1/4/2020). It was reviewed in May 2021 and adopted by the Trust board on 14/7/2021.

The Attendance Policy has been amended (Appendix A, B & C) with additional information incorporating the DfES guidance on the COVID-19 outbreak (15/6/2020). The policy was adopted by the Trust Board on 21/10/2020. Appendix B - updated November 2020 and adopted by Trust Board on 9/12/2020.


  1. RMET Academy Finance Manual Jan 2021.pdf
  2. RMET Accessibility Policy Nov 2020.pdf
  3. RMET Anti Bullying Policy Nov 2019.pdf
  4. RMET Attendance policy Oct 2020.pdf
  5. RMET Behaviour policy amended July 2020 v3.pdf
  6. RMET CCTV Policy April 2020.pdf
  7. RMET Charging and remissions policy Jan 2021.pdf
  8. RMET Child protection and safeguarding policy May 2021.pdf
  9. RMET Circle Model Governor Visits Policy Sept 19.pdf
  10. RMET Complaints form Nov 2019.docx
  11. RMET Complaints Procedure Jan 2017 amended Sept 2019.pdf
  12. RMET Data Protection Nov 2020.pdf
  13. RMET Data retention policy June 2019.pdf
  14. RMET Drugs policy June 2020.pdf
  15. RMET Equality Duty February 2021.pdf
  16. RMET Freedom of Information Act - Publication Scheme Policy Oct 2020.pdf
  17. RMET Health and Safety Policy Oct 2020 (unsigned).pdf
  18. RMET ICT regulation and email policy June 2020.pdf
  19. RMET Lettings Policy Jan 2021.pdf
  20. RMET Medical conditions policy Jan 2020.pdf
  21. RMET Online Safety Policy May 2021.pdf
  22. RMET SAR policy Oct 2018.pdf
  23. RMET SEN Policy Oct 2019.pdf
  24. RMET Signed page 2 of Health and Safety Policy Oct 2020.pdf
  25. RMET Single Equality Sept 2019.pdf
  26. RMET Social Media Policy May 2021.pdf
  27. RMET Visitors in School Policy July 2019 appendix added 26 May 2020.pdf
  28. RMET Website Policy Oct 2020.pdf
  29. RMET Whistle blowing policy Sept 2020.pdf
  30. RMET Data retention policy May 2021.pdf
  31. RMET Privacy Notice for Applicants May 2021.pdf
  32. RMET Privacy notice for parents-carers May 2021.pdf
  33. RMET Privacy Notice for Pupil May 2021.pdf
  34. RMET Privacy notice for staff and volunteers May 2021.pdf